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Just a note about buying Shopkins Season 3 from Ebay. I am an Ebay seller and was fortunate enough to get 6 packs from Toys R Us. Now we all know that many Ebay sellers over price but I have to save that Toy R Us does the same thing. They are currently charging 14.99 plus sales tax for a 12 pack of Shopkins Season 3. I listed my Shopkins Season 3 at a buy it now for 27.00 and they sold within 2 days. Now that I see that some are selling them for 60.00, I can understand why. I am hesitant to ask very high dollars for any items but many buyers do not understand or do not take into account the cost of Ebay fees and Paypal fees. I also offered free shipping. Now in retrospect, I should have put them up for auction because customers are willing to pay more for them but I am glad that I made a few customers very happy. To get these 6 packs it took days of running to TRU stores only to find they did not have them or was limited to 1 and then back to TRU again.

You know we all were waiting on this one. Look, I shop in stores. I know how ridiculous the price can be for a play set or a toy that my kids really, really, really want. I have walked away from many a toy shaking my head at the overpriced plastic that is on display. But Shopkins had a top price of $20 and that is for the Small Mart play set which is totally affordable in my opinion. The Bakery/ Fruit stand is only $15! The 12 pack of Shopkins is only $10. And the little single bags that should be up by checkout are even less. I don’t know about you, but I can spend the total of what it costs to get these on one house that does not have near the appeal and interest grabbing toys. Head to Target and look for Shopkins in the toy area! Check out the prices of the toys around them and you will see why I think these are totally doable, piece by piece if need be! has done a wonderful job of coming up with a super fun toy line that will not break our wallets!

Shopkins Season 5 12-pack : Target

  • sandy June 21, 2015
  • Shopkins 12 Pack Season 3 - Toys"R"Us