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In regard to a potential state law, basically this says that the bare minimum are the rules listed above. If your state happens to have a more strict law on the hours you are able to work at age 14, then you would have to adhere to the laws of your state instead. If your state said 14 year olds can work 80 hours per week (probably a fictitious example), then you would still be subject to the laws of the federal government which say the max is 40 in a non-school week.

In my opinion you shouldn’t get too overwhelmed by trying to understand all of the laws as it pertains to teenage employment. That’s not to say ignore the law, or violate it intentionally, but there are plenty of ways to make money that aren’t really governed by these laws. Think about all of the jobs for 14 year olds which would pay cash. A simple example is that when you mow your neighbor’s yard and he gives you $30 for it. Do you think this is being monitored as your working hours during a school week? Of course not. There are an infinite number of ways to make money, even for a 14 year old. The key is to be creative and persistent.

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    The jobs for 14 year olds can vary quite a bit based on your geographic location, skill set, and general condition of your local economy. We’ll start by looking at the legality of 14 year olds having a job, and then share some advice from career experts on how to be prepared and some ideas on the specific employment opportunities for 14 year olds.

    Some other strategies for finding jobs for 14 year olds is to simply ask around. Often called “networking” in the business world, simply tapping into who you know and any connections you have can work wonders. The vast majority of jobs are never posted online, you just have to go find them. Have an ice cream shop you really like near your house? Ask for a job application. Remember that even in a situation like this, you are basically interviewing at that moment. What I mean is, even when you just ask if they are hiring, you are making a first impression on that person who may be a manager or someone with influence in determining who they hire. Generally speaking, people want to work with people that they like. So as you are searching the informal job market, keep your smile handy and dress nice. First impressions are critical.