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Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man is a one shot crossover event starring (Spider-Man of the year 2099) and . It was published in November 1995.

Upon his return, Miguel finds out that Doom 2099 has assumed control over the U.S. and its megacorps. Tyler Stone is appointed as Doom’s Corporate Minister and Miguel is offered the seat of CEO of Alchemax. Later, Doom 2099 offers Spider-Man 2099 the position of Minister of Supernormal Affairs. Miguel eventually accepts the position at Alchemax, deciding to change the company for the better. He also uses his new influence to order law enforcement to leave Spider-Man 2099 alone.

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Asides from the vaunted proportional strength and agility of a spider, Spider-Man 2099 has spider-like senses, claws and spinnerets. Thankfully the later are located on his forearms instead of his butt.

Set your DVR’s for August 31st at 9am eastern time for the premiere of the third season of Ultimate Spider-Man. It seems this season he joins the Avengers, meets Agent Venom and also various versions of himself. I spot Spider-Girl, Peter Porker, Miles Morales, Spider-Ben, Spider-Ma 2099 and Spider-Man…