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64 Crayons at Dollar Tree, Inc.

OH I loved this! I remember exactly where I was when I was given the 64 crayon box. Not only did I love the colors but the names! To this day I could still distinguish orchid from thistle from carnation pink. My mother called me the Binney & Smith graduate. I don’t ever remember coloring with friends. Must have kept the box WAY under wraps. And What A Hoot, I too don’t know how anyone can miss placing the untrimmed edge of a bedspread at the head!

Hahahaha, this is hysterical and yet so informative. That box of 64 crayola crayons was the height of sophistication in the realms of childhood, sharpener in the back included. I remember mine and absolutely loving it, the possibilities were endless!😀 In the scheme of things, I don’t blame you for being a crayon fascist, honestly I believe I am at times as well. The way your post was written here just brings you to life in such a funny way, and I thank you for making me laugh tonight, I needed it.😀

64 Crayons McDonald-Perkins Band

64 Count Crayons
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Ah, the subtle, yet exciting difference between orange-red & red-orange! The gold, silver & COPPER! I too shared your awestruck devotion to the 64 Crayola Crayons — what a FABulous gift that was to me!!!!! And how many hours I spent, putting them in rainbow order, or groups of color families, or in combinations that titillated me. And the SHARPENER in the back of the box!!!! Oh. My. Goddess.

There’s something about that pristine box of 64 crayons. I’m an artist and totally understand how you feel about your supplies. Love the post! It brings back such great memories.