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Shield the drum set with a drum screen. Drum screens, also called drum shields, are composed of several tall sheets of clear plastic that are hinged together. These screens can be arranged to surround a drum set partially or completely, significantly lowering the volume of the drums. These screens are useful in performance, recording, and practice settings.

Drum sets are one of the loudest musical instruments available. Unlike many electrified instruments (such as the electric guitar), it cannot be muted with the use of headphones or through un-amplified play. Learning how to make a drum set quieter is an essential process when playing a drum set in a shared house or apartment complex. There are several methods of doing this, ranging in expense, effort required, and effectiveness. These methods can be used in conjunction or on their own.

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    Got accustomed to the traditional drum sets that all look the same and probably sound good but not that great? Then the GigPig drum set will definitely make you wonder if it was made out of a washing machine. But in reality it is acoustically designed for maximum comfort of playing and produces sound that is unparalleled. The rectangular design of this drum set is very compact and in a way gives the drum player more flexibility when it comes to giving amazing musical drum scores for any band. The GigPig drum set comes in a variety of cool colors like red, yellow and black making it a cool musical instrument for geeky musicians who like to hit the drums hard with precision.

    “Drummers have a bad reputation for being too noisy. Trying to practice with neighbors can be difficult. Adversely, living next door to a banging drum set can be difficult as well. We made this video to show you first-hand how just one layer of our Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets can reduce the sound coming from your drum set in your practice space. These sound absorbing blankets, usually meant to acoustically treat, actually yielded a certain degree of sound proofing. A very cost efficient solution with incredible results!”