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With the help of metal wire acting as a spine, wooden boards as shoulder blades, and stuffed with newspapers, Verreaux prepared and preserved the stolen body parts. Then he shipped him to Paris, along with a batch of stuffed animals in crates. In 1831 the African's body appeared in a showroom at No 3, Rue Saint Fiacre.

While at a zoo in New Orleans, this family made the mistake of putting their stuffed lion next to the bobcat cage. The moment the bobcat was able to grab the stuffed animal, he snatched it up in his paws and wouldn't let go.

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Gummo! He’s like Domokun, all mouth, and has a bubble gum walking stick. You have to love a stuffed animal that looks like he’s about to eat you.

Post in the comment section about a strange stuffed animal you’ve seen online. Or maybe you have a “normal” one that has taken on a strange existence in your home. Do share.