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Hayward SP1775 Power-Flo II 3/4-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump


Are there any items you carry that are unique to Aboveground?

Partial or full burial of an aboveground pool, makes it into an inground pool! If your backyard slopes away from the house, you can bury the front side, and install a wood deck at ground level. Be sure to check with your pool manufacturer to see if your pool model is suitable for contact with the earth.

Nothing is more functional and beautiful aboveground pool remodel than to add a surrounding pool deck. There are so many ways to deck out an aboveground pool, here’s just two ideas.

Basic Aboveground Pool Landscaping

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Aboveground | Definition of Aboveground by Merriam-Webster

For aboveground pools, a nice rock or mulch border around the pool is a good start. From there, small bushes and perennials can be used to soften the look around the pool walls. Evergreens or hedgerows can be used for privacy around an aboveground pool.

Some aboveground pools come with a too-small pump and filter unit, designed to run nearly 24/7. Larger pump and keep the pool cleaner and the water clearer with less run time.