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Air Hogs Vectron Wave 2.0 - Black, Grey and Orange


Fly the Air Hogs Vectron Wave around...

The Vectron Wave Battle was something I could only dream of as a child, and sometimes when that dream is finally put into reality it may not live up to expectations. For that reason, I gave the Air Hogs Vectron Wave Battle was to the boys and my father first, as a test run before I was going to play it. They loved it; it has the cool factor of flying (hovering) and the competition factor of trying to be able to shoot the other person’s Vector Wave. No worries about trying to figure out who wins, as the third hit will deactivate a Vector Wave. It returns to the ground so that you can play again.

The paper manual is well-written and the instructions are easy to follow. There are a couple of warnings included, however, that should be kept in mind when playing with the R/C AirHogs Vectron Ultralite. First, it is advised to never charge the toy without having flown it first. Charging without flying can damage the battery. Second, the only AC adaptor that should be used with this item is the one that came with it.

Air Hogs Vectron Wave - Black, Grey & Red : Target

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    New from Air Hogs, the Vectron Wave Battle takes on a life of its own for interactive battling fun. With its amazing hovering abilities, the Air Hogs Vectron Wave uses laser sensing technology to evade your every shot as you use your Laser Blaster to try to disable it.

    The R/C AirHogs Vectron Ultralite comes with the saucer unit, a "thrust transmitter", and an AC adaptor. The "thrust transmitter" is what you use to control your flying saucer. It is easy to use and operate - nice bonus. It is a gun-looking thing with a trigger and an antenna.