A mid-1970s digital alarm clock radio (AM/FM) using .

Sony ICFC1 Alarm Clock Radio, Black


Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio Black MC7223 - Best Buy

This revolutionary surveillance product has a wireless (gsm bug) audio monitoring device hidden inside an Alarm Clock Radio. The central feature of this GSM--based solution is that it's a sophisticated, totally concealed bugging device.

When used in the spy mode, the Alarm Clock Radio is called (from anywhere) and will answer immediately without any ringing so it will not alert anyone. The caller can then hear all conversations around the Alarm Clock Radio and on ending the call, the Alarm Clock Radio resumes standby. Just plug and play. This model is conveniently portable. In the United States the coverage is available through AT&T (now Cingular) or T-Mobil.

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Sylvania USB Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio - Black (5) Sold by Kmart

*Product may not be exactly as shown USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio, Instructional Manual, Quick Start Guide, 1 x 3V, CR2032 Flat Lithium battery, 1 Year Manufacturer's Direct Warranty.

Make sure you've tested your sim card in an actual cell phone and it works. However, when you place that sim card in the sim card holder in this unit, Power Strip, Alarm Clock Radio,etc. and it doesn't seem to work. Please place the unit near an open window or door to make sure it tests out there ok first prior to placing it in the target location. Sometimes the signal doesn't quite reach the unit the same way cell phones signals work. So, you may need to try one or more different locations first. If possible, also try elevating the item off the floor to improve reception.