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Keep track of the time while listening to your favourite music and charge your Qi enabled smartphone with the Qi-Tone S1 Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker in white.

Want to spruce up your home with yet another alarm clock speaker system for the iPhone or iPod touch? That is made possible thanks to the iHome iA5 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock Speaker System which was specially designed to communicate with the company’s iHome+Sleep app, where it allows users to adjust the clock’s duration, alarm, and EQ settings straight from their iPhone. Among the features thrown in are the all urgent snooze operate which can last anywhere fro 1 minute to 29 minutes, alongside a connector which will juice up the device when docked and wake you up through your favorite movies and songs. You can plus hook up other audio devices through its line-in jack. whether you don’t want it to run off its capability adapter, you can do so using a trio of AAA batteries instead. The iHome iA5 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock Speaker System retails for $100 a pop.

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  • Philips DC290/37 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Alarm Clock Speaker Dock (Brushed Aluminum)
    by Philips
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    The Qi-Tone S1 Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker features a beautifully integrated 3.2" LED alarm clock with large font display, which ensures you're always aware of the time as well as getting you up on those early Monday mornings.

    The Qi-Tone S1 features powerful dual speakers with easily accessible controls, enabling you to navigate between your favourite tracks and play your music at high volumes with superb clarity. With bright treble and deep bass, the Qi-Tone S1 Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker brings music performance to a new level.