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Nerf guns provide an exciting way for large or small groups of people to get together and have fun in mock battles. The variety of top Nerf guns on the market allow each participant to select the type of Nerf gun that will be the most fun and easiest to use for them. While all Nerf guns promise hours of fun in Nerf wars, there are a few factors each player should consider before choosing their best Nerf gun.

The Rhino-Fire blaster is part of Nerf’s N-Strike Elite series. It provides an almost unmatched ability to shoot darts. It does this, first, by holding and shooting up to 50 darts at a time, nestled in two 25-dart barrels. In addition to the sheer number of darts it can shoot, it is also a motorized Nerf gun, operating on size D batteries. The batteries allow it to shoot all 50 darts in about 20 seconds. This lightning fast speed makes it an intimidating presence on the Nerf war battlefield and has the potential to overwhelm any opponent. These features make it an exceptionally large Nerf gun. To offset this large size, the Rhino-Fire comes with a tripod that detaches. This tripod makes for an easier and more accurate shot. At the same time, because it can be detached, it makes it easy to carry the tripod and gun with you when you must run.

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  • LARP: Das steht für Live-Action-Role-Playing und bedeutet Fans werfen sich in Ihre Kostüme, damit sie die Abenteuer Ihrer Helden nachleben können. Beliebt ist hier Zombie Survival, Fantasy und natürlich Steampunk Events (respektiv darf Cyberpunk nicht fehlen). Überall werden Nerf Guns zur Aufpeppung der Darstellung genutzt.
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    One way to start is with a small scale Nerf gun hack. You’ll learn how to make a flammable gas gun and also have the baddest Nerf gun in town. It’s a win-win. Check it out after the break.

    This thing is awesome in fire rate and awesomeness. One problem. You have to pump this twenty times to shoot the entire clip. If Hasbro removes the need to pump but just pull the trigger, I will give all my Nerf guns (including modded ones) for this formation of cool.