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Disney Princesses have appeared in various other media, such as video games, including , , and . Rapunzel can be found as a character in the 2013 game along with other non-franchise princesses. and are also included but are not officially part of the Disney Princess Royal Court. has the addition of Merida and Jasmine. However, Merida is also included with in the Toy Box Starter Pack. includes the character .

All of the Disney princesses were a major part of our childhood. Once upon a time we all wanted to have a mermaid tail or a beautiful dress for the ball. However, now we dream of having the perfect contour and wardrobe just like our fave YouTubers.

In early 2007, Disney announced Disney Princess Enchanted Tales, ..

  • With the exception of Prince Adam and John Smith, all of the Disney Princes have either brown or black hair.
    • Prince Henry, Prince Eric, Aladdin and Shang all have black hair.
    • Prince Florian, Phillip, Naveen and Eugene all have brown hair.
    • John Smith has blond hair.
    • Prince Adam has light auburn hair, and is currently the only redheaded Disney Prince.
  • All of the Disney Princes, with the exception of Naveen (and John Rolfe, if you count him as an official Disney Prince), have brown or blue eyes. Naveen has amber eyes and John Rolfe has green eyes.
    • Prince Henry, Prince Phillip, Aladdin, Li Shang and Eugene all have brown eyes.
    • Prince Florian, Prince Eric, Prince Adam and John Smith all have blue eyes.

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