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I found nothing out there online for American Girl Doll House plans in 2011, so I set about making it up. If you have some basic tools – jigsaw, circular saw then keep reading. Tablesaw is needed for anything beyond the Basic Doll House project(for siding, shingles etc). I built this for my daughters for Christmas and they absolutely love it. I wrote these plans to be illustrated, detailed and everything I would have liked to know at the outset. I spent hours figuring this stuff out and you should benefit from it. I took pictures all along the way which are included in the plans as well. I put a couple sample pages in the listing so you can get a flavor of the American Girl doll house plans – I structured them around doll house options so you can tailor the doll house and manage the cost and complexity of the project.

DIY American Girl doll house - The possibilities are endless. My daughter uses a mix of some AG purchases with lots of her own creations and items found at other stores.

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    Kristine is back with the highly requested video, the updated American Girl doll house tour. After nine months since the original video uploaded with more than 2 million views, the updated doll house has more features added: crown molding, base board, lights, electrical wiring, new furniture, and new decoration. We hope you enjoy our improved doll house! If you have not watched our first doll house tour yet, please check it out the link:

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