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Learning Resources Jungle Animals Set of 60


Toy Zoo Animal Figurines Plastic - Sears

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3 years +
Learning Resources created the jumbo zoo animal figurines from this animal set with realistic details and durable kid-friendly materials.

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  • Farm Animal Figures Code: FarmAnimals Size: 4" Price: Animal Figures - Animal Toys & Playsets - Tesco.99

    We had the opportunity to try the and the Exploration Animal Figure Set. Based on the photos online, I was excited because the figures appeared to be very realistic in nature and I think that it is important to have some toys that look more like the real animals in addition to all the cute animals that are more cartoonish. When the Jungle Hospital and figures arrived, I was not disappointed. The animal figures are wonderful and extremely realistic.

    You can purchase on the Imagine Toys website on sale for $51.97. The Exploration Animal Figure Set is currently available for $29.99. From now through December 24, you can save 15% off your order using the code IMAGGIFTGUIDE.