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Anna Disney Infinity swings and spins with her ice shovel as her primary from of melee attack. She can dole out quite an amount of damage with her ice shovel but what makes her quite unique from other Disney Infinity characters is the use of her climbing hook. Anna can shoot her climbing hook and be pulled immediately to the object or place she was aiming at. Her best attack strategy would probably be to use her hook to move quickly into a fray and use her ice shovel to pummel her opponents. The greatest advantage to having her hook is that she can reach elevated areas where other normal characters cannot reach. Although she may not have the same healing or health regeneration abilities as her sister Elsa, her health upgrades more than make up for this. She has a whopping 4 levels of upgrades for health giving her quite a substantial health bar.

Anna Disney Infinity is a character from the franchise. Princess Anna is one of the leading characters in Disney’s 53rd most celebrated animated film . She was loosely based on the character of Gerda from the fairy tale of . She is the younger sister of and the princess of a fictional Scandinavian kingdom known as Arendelle. Anna has a strip of white hair that serves as a reminder from an unfortunate accident with Elsa when they were kids that led to the isolation of Elsa growing up. During Elsa’s coronation ceremony, Elsa inadvertently loses control of her powers and puts their entire kingdom in everlasting winter. It was Anna who bravely goes after Elsa to bring her back and save their kingdom.

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    Anna in Disney Infinity. Frozen (2013). HD Wallpaper and background images in the Frozen club tagged: frozen snow queen elsa anna kristoff disney 2013 animated film.

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