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Creative Hands by Fibre-Craft - 300-Piece Assorted Sm'ART Parts - Arts and Crafts - No Scissors or Glue Required - For Ages 3 and Up


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I’ve gotten a few emails lately asking for recommendations for arts and craft supplies for children – the holidays are coming up after all, and kids love to receive the gift of creativity! I thought I’d share a few of the items that we use all the time:

My kids jumped for joy when they saw all these fun supplies I was packing up for our upcoming camping trip. The kids arts and crafts supplies all got divided up for 4 kids. I used a variety of boxes so I could see what would work best and share that information with all of you!

The Moffatt Girls: Lakeshore GIVEAWAY (Arts and Crafts Supply Center)

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    If you have children, you know many of them have their own arts and crafts supplies. These are often separate from our own crafting supplies and require their own organization. Depending on the ages and stages of your children the types of supplies you have, how easily accessible they are, and how much space you have can greatly vary. For example, I have an almost 7 year old and 3 year old. While my 7 year old can easily handle using scissors, markers and glue by himself without much supervision, my 3 year old is the complete opposite. So, for now, we have many of our supplies out of reach with a parent’s help.

    Since there are so many different types of art supplies and most of them are pretty small, I was able to use a for almost all of our arts and crafts supplies. I purposely bought a clear one so I could see what we have and what we are running low on. This made it really easy when going school shopping for my son this year. We were able to shop our closet for about 75% of what he needed.