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When your baby is first born, it depends upon you for everything in life including the ability to clear its nasal passages. Not only are newborn babies more likely to get sick or have serious congestion of the nose, they also lack the ability to get rid of that congestion themselves. That’s why a nasal aspirator for your baby is so important. A nasal aspirator removes congestion by drawing fluids out through the baby’s nostrils. It immediately makes it easier for the baby to breathe. There are many different brands, some of which are appropriate for different ages. If you are looking for a nasal aspirator for baby, read on!

Learning how to use a is the first step in making your child feel much better. No matter what type of nasal aspirator you choose, the basics of use are the same. Here’s how to use a nasal aspirator for baby.

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Aspirating your baby’s nose should be a gentle process - and when done correctly, it actually feels good to the baby. Stop the process and try again later if your baby resists vigorously. Always confirm you have a complete seal between tip and nostril and that the nozzle is directed back towards the baby’s neck, not upward towards the eyes, as shown in the photos. Holding the mouthpiece between your lips frees your hands to better position the child.