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Custom auto seat covers, car - truck - suv - van seat covers

We ensure our automotive seats are engineered and manufactured to the performance requirements of our customers. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, and help automakers avoid additional costs, reduce risk and perform well-executed launches. Our capabilities include:

Johnson Controls produces superior automotive seats that enhance any vehicle brand. We offer a range of unmatched car seat capabilities — all from a single source.

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Your auto seats need protection from kids, pets, and just everyday use not to mention the abuse that a work vehicle gets. We have found that all vehicles benefit from having their seats protected. In fact many car resellers have said that when they buy a used car, truck or SUV the first thing they look for before they open the hood is the interior. If it has been well cared for then chances are the mechanical portion of the car will have been cared for as well. In spending time at car dealerships, talking with sales managers, we have found that many of their customers are unhappy with the light colors being used in new vehicles today. As a result they refer many of their customers to us so that we can build them a nice looking set of covers to protect their seats without losing the good looks of their brand new car, truck or Suv. The amount most people recoup in resale is many times over the cost of a set of good quality seat covers making it a no brainer to get them covered.