Casino 6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

Casino 6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler


dealing a snap with this Automatic Card Shuffler

Our major area about the impact of environment and the automatic card shuffler are batteries and the plastic body decompositions after throwing away.

The automatic card shuffler can be used to shuffle cards for different reasons associated with playing card games. There are many different games which require shuffling of the cards after each round such as poker, spades, speed, or blackjack. The device will primarily be used when playing card games with groups of people such as at parties or small get togethers. Some improper use of the device could result by using cards which are non-standard size or thickness. Using it for any other use other than to shuffle cards is not consistant with the original purpose.

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In order to run the current automatic card shuffler, users will need to insert two "C" batteries. Most users will choose the non-rechargeable batteries to save the cost. After using for couple times, we need to buy and change another two batteries. Batteries contain hazardous materials that may get into the environment. For example, cadmium and lead enter soil and water from landfills and enter the air via municipal waste incinerators. Recycling the batteries has become an issue to normal users since it is not as easy as a can of soda. Batteries can be recycled at the household Waste collection facility which may not be convenient for most users. This will result people just throw it directly without recycling.

The input of the automatic card shuffler is the placement of the cards into the two card holding slots. The user then starts the device by pressing down on the trigger switch. When depressed, this switch will complete a ciruit that connects the batteries to two small motors that spin at high speed. The motors are small and produce high speed but with little torque so gears are used to gear down the speed while increasing the torque applied to the cards. The gears are connected to a wheel which draws the cards from the two card holding slots into the middle output slot. The motor will continue to run and the wheels will spin until the lever is released. The user then retreives the cards from the middle output slot to use or to repeat the shuffling process by placing the cards back into the two card holding slots.