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There are some attractive features that tempt many people to sign up with Babies R Us Baby Registry. It's easy to join in person or online, and they offer various benefits such as customer reward programs and gift buying guides. Yet before signing up with any such program, it's a good idea to look at both the pluses and minuses, and also to check out a few competitors as well.

Customers of the Babies R Us Baby Registry have also voiced complaints about dealing with customer service at the company (whether online, on the phone or in a store), and experiencing difficulties if they have to return anything. There have been numerous issues of the online database not working properly, which renders the whole system useless.

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If you're looking for a baby registry, you might be considering a well known service called Babies R Us Baby Registry. This is one of many services that allows you to suggest gifts for an upcoming baby shower or similar event. Many parents who are expecting a baby find that this is a great way to ensure that they receive the best possible gifts, and avoiding the problem of duplicate gifts. So lets see how good Babies R Us is and if they are worth using.

Some people sign up with services such as Babies R Us Baby Registry simply because it's large and well known. This doesn't always mean it's the best, however. All in all, we recommend that you do your research and consider some of the alternatives to Babies R Us Baby Registry.