And there you go. One completed Baby Bandana Bib.

Nude Original Belly Bandit - Small


Baby Bandit- Ghetto Life - YouTube

I talked to Serafina Lugo, an 18-year-old collector from Encino. Her collection started with a gift. Garcia the Bear probably cost $5 retail then, and now it's worth more than $200. Lugo speculated that the Beanie Baby Bandit already had a fence lined up, maybe somebody who sells on the Internet. The young woman said she wasn't surprised by the recent heist.

2006-12-14 18:42:50 PST -- For weeks, Piedmont police were stumped by the Beanie Baby bandit. The popular stuffed animals were mysteriously showing up overnight on porches and in the yards of two homes on Rose Avenue. One of the families feared a stalker.

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  • FBI — “Baby Face Bandit” Robs Bank of America

    And he insisted that he's not the Beanie Baby bandit. "Oh God, heavens no. That would be sick to me. I have absolutely nothing against these folks," he said.

    One thing police know, Demirjian said, is that the Beanie Baby Bandit isn't a run-of-the-mill robber. Most bandits want money for its own sake or to finance a drug habit. The fact that this one ignored the cash on the premises suggests a stranger motive.