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Well baby Einstein baby Beethoven is for infants and it is a lighter level of learning about the classical musician Beethoven. I love that; my infant can have the ability to learn about Beethoven as my toddlers do. Baby Beethoven is for infants that are moving from infant to toddler. It is for a smaller audience. Being able to expose my infant son to baby Beethoven, at 8 months is great, and by the time my son is 1-2 he will be able to move up from baby Beethoven to Beethoven. I love the idea that my son will be able to learn about Beethoven for a whole 2 years (about) of his life. Baby Einstein Beethoven is a little bit more grown up, this is for the ages of 2 years and up. My daughter she is 3 ½ and she loves watching the baby Einstein Beethoven, but she is still willing to watch the baby Beethoven as well, she knows that her younger brother has his own Beethoven DVD that is right for his age, since she knows this DVD already she watches it with him, she is a great big sister.

NO, I personally don’t think that baby Einstein baby Beethoven is better, than baby Einstein Beethoven, it is just a different level of Beethoven. Yeah the baby Einstein baby Beethoven is better for baby’s, but it is not better in any way then the baby Einstein Beethoven. All of the different series in the baby Einstein collection has separate learning levels, but that does not make any of them better then the others. For me that am one of the biggest reasons why I love the baby Einstein collection, because it is not all one learning level.

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    Im my personal opinion about the baby Einstein baby Beethoven is that it is such a great DVD for baby’s, but not all baby’s will be interested in it, but that does not mean if they don’t watch it the first time you put it on to not play it again you have to try a few more times (that is with pretty much anything new you will be trying with your children). not everything is perfect for every child, so you have to test things with your child and see what they will be into. With my children they love any of the baby Einstein DVD’s they see a baby Einstein DVD case and they ask if they can have it or watch it, they just love everything about the baby Einstein collection, I have most of the collection and I love them for my children as well as them loving them, because they are fun for them to learn, they love that about the baby Einstein.

    I think that as long as my kids are happy watching them then why change things stay with what they like, I have an older daughter not just my 8 month old son, but I have an older daughter as well and she still loves to watch the baby Einstein baby Beethoven with him, she has fun playing and singing and dancing for him while they watch it. Seeing my two kids getting along and seeing my daughter playing with her little brother, the way she does when the DVD’s are playing is such a blessing to watch and see. I love it I’m very happy with the out come of using the baby Einstein baby Beethoven. It truly is a great program and I really do love to watch my children watch these DVD’s and love seeing the love they have for the DVD in their faces. These DVD’s made my daughter think she can do anything and inspires her to do what ever she wants to. I love that my children love the inspiration they receive from the DVD’s they have been watching. My daughter and I both love watching the baby Einstein baby Beethoven with my 8 month old son, she loves to show him what they are doing and loves to dance for her little brother, I love to watch her dance and show her brother what the DVD is about.