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Although, I am not a fan of disneyification of storylines, the Baby Einstein series we purchased from Costco have been a great boon to my son’s development. He had and still has sensory issues that I was not aware of until I started trying to do signs with him. The only sign he learnt was ‘more”, yet he did learn to read and associate words with concrete concepts. The videos when used properly can be a great educational asset. He is now 3.5 years old and can read the beginning B.O.B. books. We can not live in today’s word and avoid the t.v. entirely but we can monitor and educate our children as they watch.

We introduced our son to quite a few Baby Einstein videos when he was 8 months old and up. I never expected them to improve his intelligence but I felt (and still feel) they were a safe occasional distraction. My son is 4 now and he has speech challenges but I am certain that is due to his premature birth, not TV viewing. Even today he enjoys watching Baby MacDonald and gets much needed practice with pronunciation as we repeat the words while watching it together.


Book See and Spy Colors
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My son who is now 4, loved watching the Baby Van Gogh DVD when he was 7 mos and would watch it almost every evening until he was 2 as part of his quiet time before he went off to bed. He is a bright and intelligent little boy and I think thanks to the BE video, appreciates and knows his colours and loves to paint! Whether that has anything to do with BE, I don’t know, but it surely has not harmed him in any way. We will continue to support Baby Einstein and use these videos as a valuable part of his educational experience.

I began my daughter on Baby Einstein Videos at 2 & 1/2 months old. She is now 17 months old and knows 18 different signs( Thanks to BE videos that include sign language). She started with drinks at 9 months old and we realized she had learned it from her videos. People are amazed when they see her do signs and ask us where she was taught that? We proudly tell them from her BE videos. This helps her communicate with us and tell us what she wants. Weither it is drinks, bites,water,sleep,etc..It really helps! I will not be returning my videos for a refund, we LOVE them and will continue to watch them. I support Baby Einstein and hope they continue making more educational DVD’s, exspecially with sign language included. Thank You!