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Do I really know what ingredients are in baby food pouches?

I felt like I was reading an alien language. And these are the ingredients I found on just the “organic” baby food pouches – within the first six ingredients. Shock. Just because the front labels of baby food pouches claim to have natural, wholesome, organic ingredients – the back labels don’t lie. I couldn’t believe how wrong I was.

However, that doesn’t mean we need to throw in the baby food pouch “towel” so to speak and start making our own baby food. It just means as moms, we need to pay more attention to the ingredients and the back labels of our baby foods. I certainly do not want to give my kids any of the weirdo ingredients above.

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Clean up! Baby food, Aisle 10! Sorry, I’ve always wanted to say that. My challenge was to walk up and down the baby food aisle at Babies R’ Us and compare the front labels of the baby food pouches to the ingredients on the back. In my mind, I’m thinking that this challenge is easy-peasy. Of course the labels would match. No weird or unpronounceable ingredients here. About 2 pouches in, I realized I was in trouble.

After yesterday’s baby food pouch , our winner informed me there is now a product on the market that makes it even easier to feed babies when you’re out and about.