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I sketched a plan to show Cassity and she immediately fell in love (like the first time she saw me! ha. ha). I love it when she falls in love with my designs. I am really excited too, because I know that many other people would benefit from having a way to build their own baby gate for stairs and any other place you would want to keep kids out.

The other day I thought that It would be awesome to build our own baby gate for stairs. Baby gates are not cheap and it’s hard to find one that would fit our exact needs. So, I decide that I would just design and build one.

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If you have a baby, young children and/or pets, your household can benefit from baby gates for stairs! These gates are designed for top of stairs, bottom of stairs and in-between rooms. Keep babies and pets safe from falling, or refrain them from entering certain rooms in your home by placing a baby gate at the top or bottom or your staircases and/or in doorways.

The major difference between normal baby gates and baby gates for stairs is that the latter are hardware-mounted instead of pressure-mounted. Hardware-mounted gates are attached directly into a wall or banister using bolts, screws or other hardware. That lessens the risk that children will push over the gate and tumble down the stairs. Baby gates for stairs may also open in only one direction and feature wider openings without any bars to step over, minimizing the risk that parents or children will trip. While these gates do require permanent mounts, many of the gates can be removed from the wall mounts when not in use.