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3 to 6 mo Vintage Inspired Crochet Baby Bonnet, 3 to 6 mo Baby Girl Bonnet Photo Prop Hat, Baby Girl Bonnet, Shabby Chic Baby Bonnet. $20.00, via Etsy.

Honeybee Bonnets are modern baby and toddler bonnets that are fashionable with a purpose. These bonnets are designed to fit well, and come in a variety of fabrics including organic or vintage cotton, linen, and wool so you can have a summer or winter bonnet or anything in between. Most bonnets can be made to be a classic bonnet or sunbonnets so you can choose what look and function your baby girl bonnet will have. But beyond the cute exterior, these modern baby and toddler bonnets mean even more to the bees they are named after. A dollar of each sale will go to saving honey bees from Colony Collapse Disorder. Saving the world feels great, doesn't it?

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Most of our Girl Collections are designed with a matching gorgeous Bonnet. Baby Bonnets are a time old tradition that carries into present day because of their elegance and functionality. They’re offered in small to large sizes then tie at the chin with two silk ribbons for a more secure and comfortable fit. Carry the tradition in your family with a bonnet from Baby Beau and Belle you can’t find anywhere else. For parties and photos, choose from baby girl bonnets for the perfect accessory to accent wisps and curls. Lace, netting, beads and bows add just the right touch to these handmade bonnets.

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