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Very good product... when my daughter was 5 weeks old she struggled to move her head around and developed a mild flat head on the left side, I google on baby head support pillow I found mimos baby pillow is safer compared to others.

The Butterfly Baby Head Support Pillow is designed for babies from birth upwards. The aesthetically pleasing shape of this little pillow together with the soft pastel shades available means that when your baby becomes a toddler they will still love to use their special little pillow.

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The numbers are in and at a whooping 47% case of “oblique or flat head syndrome” in infants, the demand for quality baby flat head pillow also arise. Positional plagiocephaly, commonly called oblique or flat head syndrome, usually happens when a baby sleeps in a single position most of the time or an issue in the muscle around the neck. When not remedied before the baby learns to sit or crawl, it could lead to a permanent malformation of the skull.

The is one of the most prescribed baby flat head pillow as therapy in addressing positional plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome — not just by professionals but by Moms, too! Made of hypoallergenic 100% super soft polyester, it gives ultra comfort to your little infant tot without any underlying risks. Uniquely designed to address multiple uses, it can be used when baby is laid down, nursing, off to be groomed on a changing pad, and during playtime. It can also be used on a bouncer, stroller or even a car seat making it a must-have for parents who are always on the go.