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One great idea is to have participants to the game list down as many baby items or products they know. Include everyone and form teams or divide all of your guests into groups. To make it more challenging, just give them a few minutes to accomplish the task. After the time’s up, check their list, cross out an item that appears on each group’s list, say, feeding bottle. The group that is left with more items uncrossed wins the game. Another fun activity is the bottle races. Fill up a number of feeding bottles with the beverage of your choice like milk, beer or juice. The winner is the person who, in this case, sucks and empties the most number of feeding bottles It is basically a game that mimics how an infant drinks from a bottle or from the mother’s breast.

Set up exciting prizes for your guests so that they can be motivated or inspired to join your games. Interesting baby items that have your expressions of gratitude in a small card is also a good souvenir gift. Like the arrival of a new bundle of joy, a baby shower is something each guest should always fondly recall so put in a little extra to make it a success.

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