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All told, we have had the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System for about two and a half months and have gotten about 30 day's use out of it. So, I cannot vouch for its quality over a 365 day period, or as a primary stroller. Since our son is our first born, my wife and I had the original mind-set that we would spare no expense in getting the best of everything for him. So, if you are convinced that a more expensive stroller would be a safer, better quality product for everyday use, then I totally understand. However, my wife and I have quickly learned where we might want to splurge and in which areas we are better off saving money when it comes to the baby. My only complaint about the stroller is that the tires were difficult to inflate with a regular bicycle pump and I had to take them down to a local hardware store and use the high-pressure electrical pump in order to inflate the tires.

Max height limit. look swivel and locking wheel for light jogging or strolling. The Royale Baby Trend Jogger Baby Travel System accepts all Baby Trend infant car provide models.

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The Royale Baby Trend Jogger Baby Travel System car provide has a 5. Covered storage basket. casual trigger confine easily reduces stroller to a compact unit.