Johnson's Aloe & Vitamin-E Baby Lotion

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion, 18 Fl. Oz


Johnson’s Baby Lotion Product Description :

There are a ton of products out there to bathe your baby in - from baby oil and baby lotion to spritz and bubble bath. Here are some of my favorites that just smell like a baby to me.

Using herbs, natural oils, and some simple pantry staples, you can create natural, eco-friendly baby products. These effective and exquisite formulas can pamper and soothe your baby. Try these recipes for quick and easy better baby lotions and potions.

Johnson’s Baby Lotion Usage Direction :

  • The baby lotion is 100 percent natural.
  • Johnson's Baby Lotion - Protects Baby's Skin from dryness

    Our Baby Magic Original Baby Lotion is a rich, creamy, non-greasy lotion formulated to absorb quickly, while softening and nourishing your baby’s skin. This hypoallergenic baby lotion formula is mild enough for baby’s sensitive skin, and enhanced with vitamins A and E to help retain the natural moisture of baby’s delicate skin.
    Our baby lotion is a one of a kind formula, specially formulated for baby skin conditioning and protection.

    DNA Miracles Natural Hydrating Baby Lotion is a natural, non-toxic body lotion, specially formulated to moisturize your baby’s face and body, and help soothe minor skin irritations. Moisturizes with a combination of emollients and herbal extracts for skin that looks and feels smoother and softer, while supporting normal skin barrier functions to help keep the skin hydrated. Gentle on baby’s sensitive skin and suitable for newborn use, this lotion helps moisturize and soothe your baby’s skin.