I’ve given a baby medicine kit a few times.

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I’ve given a baby medicine kit a few times. I put mine in one of those small stacking compartment containers so it’s portable and mom can just unlatch and leave at home any compartment that isn’t needed at the time. First-time moms often don’t realize the value of the kit until after the baby arrives. When they’re not scrambling through a medicine cabinet in the middle of the night trying to find a baby thermometer, it suddenly dawns on them.

Unless your baby is special needs for whatever reason, a typical newborn baby is fairly simple to care for. However, a baby medical care kit should always be present in the home, and regularly updated with supplies and resources. No matter how careful you are, your young child is bound to catch a cold or flu bug eventually, and there's no telling when it might hit. For this reason, its vital you're prepared before your little one arrives, or shortly thereafter.

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