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A unique twist to the classic baby book! Our Baby Shower Keepsake Memory Book is addressed to the baby but is written about the mother from her closest friends and family. Part photo album and part memory book, this baby shower keepsake book combines photographs and guests' handwritten sentiments in a fun and easy to create keepsake.

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    Hi, my name is Dana Johnson. I'd like to share with you a couple ideas. The first one is how to give a perfect gift for the expectant mother and that would be by showing them how to make a baby shower memory book. So, you would start out with a brightly colored book such as one like this and then if you know the sex of the baby you might want to include in some blue paper if it's a boy, pink paper if it's a girl. Pastels are always nice if you don't know the sexy of the baby, including some stamps, stickers, perhaps the mother might need a camera. Maybe not an expensive camera but a disposable camera would be nice too or even an SD card or if you know what type film that their camera uses. So, these are all terrific ideas plus one more, you might want to add a gift certificate that they can also put inside this book that they can redeem at any time for some free babysitting services. And this is how you would make a baby shower memory book.