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Of course, I wanted to have a Safari feeling and also have some bright colors per their request. To start, I made the backdrop. I purchased 2 foam boards from Hobby Lobby and wrapped them using lime green wrapping paper and added some paper fans from . I used burlap tablecloth and added a pop of color by adding a piece of turquoise fabric. The sweets included brigadeiro de colher (Brazilian sweet), cream puffs, custom made Baby Simba marshmallow pops by , chocolate covered strawberries, cinnamon buns, cupcakes and a variety of candies. Maria’s Crafts made the cute mom-to-be pin. As favors, guests took home a baby plush lion and palm tree favor boxes with chocolate kisses inside. My favorite addition to this party was the gorgeous diaper cake that made specially for this event. It was just adorable!! We played Baby Gift Bingo and guess the baby food game. The cute cake was a gift from one of the couple’s friends.

So, Kylan saw this little Baby Simba stuffed animal at the very beginning of the week. Even after seeing/meeting characters, princesses, fairies, and riding all the rides, the one thing she couldn't stop talking about was the Baby Simba she saw. So, as we were leaving Animal Kingdom on Thursday, Ryan couldn't resist and went to buy it for her. She was so excited and immediately in love with the little guy. She told everyone she saw for the rest of the day that her Daddy surprised her with Baby Simba. Then she began doing what she called the "Simba Dance". Funny girl.

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    It’s a different kind of wonderment altogether to climb carefully around the remarkably compressed — OK, small — backstage area with Ron Vodicka, the production stage manager. Vodicka, who has been with the show 12 years, is expected, as he puts it, “to keep the show excellent for the audience.” Tested first is Pride Rock, the most complicated set piece, which must rise 12 feet from below the stage five times per performance — initially to let the regal lion parents climb to the tip of the rock to show off their precious baby Simba. The rest of the time, Pride Rock stays modestly down in the automation department, which is the resting place for everything meant to move.

    In the beginning of the first film, Simba is an infant curled up in his mother's paws during the royal ceremony, where all cubs of the king and queen are presented from the summit of Pride Rock. For the ceremony, the baboon cracks open a gourd and makes a red mark on Simba's forehead. He sprinkles sand on the newborn's head, causing baby Simba to sneeze. After his anointing, Rafiki picks him up and presents Simba to all the animals in the Pridelands who had gathered to see him.