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Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing


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Just curious if anyone has or knows of any great baby swings with an AC adapter (can be plugged in) that they love.� We had a great swing with our son but we burned through batteries like crazy!� We even tried using rechargable batteries but they never lasted very long and it was annoying when all the batteries were out of juice.� Not undoable, just a little annoying.

I have never seen a baby swing with an AC adapter and all the hand-me-down swings we got are battery operated. I looked for swings with AC adapters in local (Pittsburgh) stores and found none. My sisters actually didn't believe that they existed, and they almost had me convinced. We figured there had to be a law against them, because who would want a battery powered swing if plug-in swings were available?

Ingenuity™ Power Adapt Portable Swing™ - Lullaby Leo™ AC adapter; ..

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