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NovaFerrum Multivitamin with Iron Supplement for Infants and Toddlers 50 mL


Should I Give My Baby Vitamins?

I have been increasing my greens intake to try and get more vitamin k. I started taking alfalfa capsules too. I am NOT comfortable injectingmy baby with vitamin k.

As you can see, baby vitamin supplements are usually not needed more than in certain cases. or formula and varied foods will get your baby a long way.

Should I Give My Baby Vitamins? | This Morning

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Does my baby need to take vitamins? | BabyCenter

Studies have shown that when a mother is deficient in a certain nutrient, improving the mother’s nutrition and/or supplementing her diet (multivitamins, etc.) may be as effective or more effective than giving her baby vitamin supplements.

Health effects:
Essential for blood clotting agent; useful in bone metabolism.
This is a baby vitamin usually given to the newborn infant right after birth.