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These baby shower words scrambles work for showers that are celebrating the upcoming arrival of a boy, girl, or unknown gender. You'll find neutral designs for word scrambles that are available in both blue and pink colors.

Baby Related words can be items such as:Pregnancy & Childbirth Related words that you can use are:Motherhood Related words you can use are:If you'd like to personalize the game further, use things which are common to the mom and dad to be such as, occupations, baby names they may be thinking using, foods the mom is craving, pet names, where they met, favorite places to go, or anything that may be meaningful to the parents.

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Ask your guests to find baby related words to the phrase in the sheet. The guest who finds most of the related words will win a prize.
Use this free printable baby word scrabble to play this game. 

Dictionary and Word of the Day.

Most standard baby talk words consist of a single syllable , such as , , , , , , , , and . These are often imitations of a baby's first utterances which take the shape of a word. These are made when the child takes a stressed syllable of the main word to shorten it and repeats it to form a word-like utterance[]. Words with similar sounds from stressed syllables, such as , and []include:

Baby talk words and phrases such as , , , , and are sometimes used after infancy as colloquial or informal terms. However, reduplication is not practiced. For example, becomes . Also, meanings may alter slightly to become more age-universal and specific: for example changing in meaning from any toilet to a container-like one for small children, changing from mealtime to an informal expression of delight towards a meal, or changing from defecation (as a countable noun) to an adjective for something smelling bad. or similar terms may be used as a term of endearment for a loved one of similar age, such as a romantic partner, and or may be used as expressions in school, university and even occupational work scenarios[]. Nonverbal utterances such as may be used as figuratives for things misinterpreted or not understood. Words such as and are words often used for family members past infancy. The word is used as a figurative later in age for something difficult or problematic, such as []