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Promolding has industrialized the BabyBloom from rough idea to a working product. Several partners from our common network have been involved with their specific expertise (Climate system, electronics and visual design).

Her design is child and parent friendly and offers the nurses much more freedom of movement than before. Babybloom Healthcare came to Promolding with their initial design because of our expertise in developing medical products and askes us to work together on the development and the production of this innovative incubator.

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    Based on the field research by Promolding, a first draft design was being made including a detailed description of the product features. This type of visualisation was very helpful for a effective indepth discussion with the teams of Promolding and Babybloom about the exact dimensions, the ergonomics and other crucial features for this new incubator. During this discussion, Babybloom also added valuable insights from the perspective of nurses.

    Based on all gathered information and insights, Promolding designed a first version and build a prototype that was extensively being tested, analyzed and discussed with Babybloom. In this phase, also the partners voor delivering the climate control and electronics were being selected followed by defining the final dimensions, size, appearance into a final design of the incubator.