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Any improvement in connection quality with the Bachmann track over flex track is offset by needing so many MORE connections, due to the short track lengths. Using Atlas flex, you can theoretically reduce the number of connections to about 1/3 what you would need with the EZ track... though 1/2 is more likely in practice. Still a substantial improvement though.

... that the T-Trak standard for N scale is Kato Unitrack and not Bachmann EZ track. Selection is only one aspect. Durability is another, as is the fact that, unlike the Bachmann track (in which the connectors are a molded part of the roadbed...) , the Kato joiners are replaceable.

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    I was going to incorporate the Bachmann EZ Track because it seems the connections are solid and I would minimize the chances of bad connections. It sounds like you've had some pretty bad experiences with Bachmann. The majority of my track is Atlas code 80.

    I wouldn't put the Bachmann track down anywhere you can't remove it and replace it easily. Even if you have a quantity of it already, I wouldn't use it. It's false economy. You'll only end up replacing it anyway, so just bite the bullet and use good track from the beginning.