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The Balderdash board game is a fun Trivia board game from which is great for parties and gatherings of family and friends.

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Balderdash Game

Balderdash Board Game

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Grab one of this Balderdash Game at Amazon and stay at home this weekend! Have tons of fun with your friends and family with this hilarious bluffing game! Guess who’s faking it and saying the truth!

The Balderdash board game is a classic game of bluff and counter-bluff. All kinds of versions have appeared, disappeared and sometimes then re-appeared over the years, so we felt it was time to round them all up and give this great game the Boardgame Beast treatment.

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  • Balderdash Board Game: Bluff to Win!

    If you’re looking for the Balderdash board game, then you’re in the right place. Boardgame Beast has rounded up all the editions, and this one-stop guide will link you to places to get hold of this often rare bluffing game.

    The Balderdash board game was originally based upon Dictionary which was an old parlour game from many years ago. This very popular board game was re-published as a board game in 1971 and called “The Dictionary Game”. Then further on in 1984 the Mattel company re-worked and re-published the Dictionary board game as Balderdash, the game we know and love as the classic bluffing trivia board game.