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The Banzai falls original water slide comes with a complete repair kit plus an easy storage bag to store your inflatable water slide. When the summers are over, the inflatable Banzai water slide stays safe under the hood for the next summer fun. You can even take this banzai slide in the outdoors and make a family camping trip even more fun.

Banzai first made waves in the toy industry with the Original Banzai Falls Water Slide, a 2006 finalist for the TOTY (Toy of the Year) Award. With its quick and easy set-up, the Original Banzai Falls Water Slide transformed backyards across America into mini water parks in less than 2 minutes flat.

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Another type of Banzai Blast water slide known as the kamikaze is actually a ground slip n’ slide. These slides serve as a good compliment to your water slide. They unfold onto the ground and connect to a water source, keeping the plastic mat wet at all times. The smooth surface allows kids to belly slide across the lawn. The Kamikaze feature 18 feet of sliding action. Users must negotiate through two powerful side wall blasters before slamming into the splash pool at the end. You can have the Kamikaze and Banzai Blast going at the same time by using a dual hose adapter.

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