Keep safe with these official Barbie Helmet, available in two sizes.

Bell Barbie Pedalin' Pretty Child Helmet

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Barbie Helmet - Medium | Target Australia

Designed with colorful Barbie graphics, the Bell Toddlers' Barbie Bicycle Helmet features extended rear coverage for added protection and high-impact reflectors for visibility. A self-adjusting Tru Fit design and 7 air vents provide a cool, comfortable fit. PinchGuard.

With the Barbie Bike Helmet, your child can be protected in the event of an accidental fall. This helmet offers the True Fit technology. It is easy to adjust, and your child will have the ideal fit. High impact reflectors improve visibility. This helmet i

You'll be riding in style with this Barbie Medium Helmet

Bell Sports Barbie Bike Helmet, Toddler

Now, the first thing I thought when I saw the Barbie helmet was, "What does that chick know about ?" Barbie's never won any world skateboard titles and I've never seen her land a 360. Well, you don't have to take Barbie's word that this helmet is good - you can just ask world champion skateboarder, . Cara Beth gives the Barbie helmet a double thumbs up and she'll be wearing it at several skate events during the 2003 season. Cara Beth is one of the pioneers of women's skateboarding who's skated at the X Games, so she knows what she's talking about when it comes to protecting your head.

Protect your child's head from injury as they learn to ride, skate or rollerblade. You'll have no issues getting them to wear this Barbie helmet. Features six air vents to keep their head cool even on warm days.