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Barbie got a little sister in 1964, with the introduction of vintage Skipper dolls. Skipper was a cute preteen with a wardrobe to match her glamorous big sis. (Skipper is sometimes called Barbie Skipper because she is Barbie's little sister.)

Wait, wait. I need you to know something, and this is hard for me to tell you, because I'm guessing that like Helen Jane and me, you maybe believe in the good of people. You still hope that when we turn the page, there will be something empowering for Barbie and Skipper to experience. That maybe Steven and Brian are… I don't know, maybe they could still be girls? But, no. It's about to get even more misogynistic up in here.

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    On the first page, Barbie's little sister Skipper asks Barbie what she's up to on her computer. Barbie, who is drawing puppies on her screen, announces to Skipper that she is brainstorming for a computer game. However, she can't create the game by herself. Barbie tells Skipper: "I'm only creating the design ideas ... I'll need Steven's and Brian's help to turn it into a real game!"

    I got that at a toy/doll show a few years back. I wish I remembered what it was called! I’ll look it up and let you know. It’s on eBay occasionally. I really do love the ‘matching sets’ that Barbie and Skipper had back in the day!