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• Even Barbie got tattooed. In 2011 Mattel was roundly criticised when it launched “Totally Tattoo Barbie” who came with a set of temporary tattoos. This was the same year Jobcentre staff were informed they could use public money towards tattoo removal if it was preventing a jobseeker finding work.

I'm not old (my youngest child is currently 9) and I don't live in a bubble. I teach at a college in an urban neighborhood, and I'm surrounded by students and street kids who are inked and pierced. I don't mind. I wrote my review mainly because I was so amused by the cognitive dissonance I experienced when I first encountered this product. It made manifest the irreconcilable differences between squeaky-clean Barbie and tattooed hipsters. The contrast reminded me of the unauthorized Barbies and Kens I've seen, dolls dressed, accessorized, and otherwise altered in order to subvert the perfect image that Mattel has constructed around the entire franchise.

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Vixey 2010-11-16
Why barbie? I dont understand why you'd have Barbie tattooed? Is there a reason/story behind it? Its nice work though. Im giving it a high score.
Billie-jo 2010-11-06
Can i just ask why you got a barbie tattoo? the work is good
george 2009-11-13
despite being male i actually really like that its very feminine!
STACY 2009-10-09
dnt comment if u got negative things to say thank u!

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The , created by Italian designer Simone Legno, sports a short pink bob, permanent Barbie doll tattoos covering her neck, chest, and shoulders, leopard print tights, and a black tunic top etched with Tokidoki’s heart-shaped skull and crossbones logo. She comes complete with sunglasses, a purse, and a little dog dressed as a cactus who goes by “Bastardino.”

Draw colorful artwork on a pretty customer! You will begin by choosing the cheek, shoulder, or arm for your tattoo. Then, select any design you wish. In Baby Barbie Tattoo Designer, you can apply a butterfly, baby unicorn, or picture of Hello Kitty!