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These rules of Battleship game are used in Russia.

This online game is quite distinct from other games because of its unique “Torpedo Attack" feature. Besides the standard rules, the game allows players to hit ships with a torpedo by pressing the space bar. You will notice the visuals quite reminiscent of Hasbro's toy Battleship game, where players plot pegs on grids to attack their opponent's ships.

This is one of the most popular Battleship games played on the Internet. The game has a simple interface and has mouse-based controls. It follows the standard rules of the pen-and-paper pastime. The player has to place his ships strategically on the grid first and then do some guesswork to destroy the opponent’s battleship by clicking randomly on a similar-looking grid. The AI is quite impressive here. Once it sniffs a target, it will leave no stone unturned in destroying the remaining parts of the ship or submarine immediately.

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The key features of Sea War: The Battleship Game 2 :

Today, this popular guessing game can be played on the Internet, thanks to several free online Battleship games. What’s more, there are plenty of gameplay variations and improvements that make these games fun and engaging. Of course, one cannot expect the same level of excitement against AI as against a human opponent, still the guesswork and logic by the AI is praiseworthy. Here are some of the top games that pits you against Captain AI or human players (multiplayer) in the virtual grid:

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