Here is a short video I created showing how a bed canopy works:

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Canopies Add an elegant touch to any bedroom with a bed canopy

One of the best ways to protect your family from EMF pollution is a bed canopy that greatly reduces microwave radiation exposure. I have used one for almost four years and it has significantly improved my sleep and severity of headaches. If you live near a cell phone tower or in an urban environment near hundreds of wireless “smart” meters and Wi-Fi routers, a canopy is an excellent investment in your health.

You can find this bed canopy . Be sure to get the that goes underneath the bed to create a full enclosure. Note that the sheet under the bed only shields RF and electric fields, not magnetic fields.

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    Bed canopy with Swiss Shield Daylight fabric. I have used this bed canopy for 3 years and it works very well. Easy to travel with (helps with hotels).It can be found for $1099.

    are made from Pure Mulberry Silk, Natural Cotton or Sheer Polyester. They are decorative and functional and available with One Point hanging or Four Point hanging and a variety of openings. If insects such as mosquitoes or midges are a problem, then our ranges of bed canopies offer fantastic protection while looking beautiful.