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Earth Eagle (Aquila) 145WD Beyblade BB-47 RARE - USA SELLER!

Too low to display

What store can you get beyblade earth eagle

I know that it is very good I love him some Beyblades like earth eagle can defeat him he even won with burn phoenix think that ginkas dads Beyblade rock leone rocks rock rocks

Tsubasa has long, silver hair which is tied into a ponytail with a clip and bangs that hang over his eyes. His eyes are a golden brown color. Tsubasa wears a sleeveless brown shirt with a blue trim around the shoulders that cuts diagonally above his navel. He also wears a pair of white loose fitting trousers with brown boots and brown gloves that reach his wrists. He stores his Beyblade Earth Eagle in a bey storage box kept on his left bicep. He one of the tallest bladers in their group.

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