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Flame Libra Metal 4D High Performance Generic Battling Top BB-48 Game

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Beyblade Flame Libra | Car Interior Design

Flame is the second best stamina beyblade flame libra totally has more stamina than earth eagle I don't know why people hatin on flame libra earth eagle is nice but flame libra totally has more stamina right guys everyone that agrees with this comment thumbs it up and vote for flame libra

A LIRE! Please Suscribe, comment and Rate if you like! Voici la Comparaison des Versions Takara Tomy et Habro Recolor Beyblade Flame Libra T125ES!
A suivre, Earth Eagle (Aquila) 145WD Comparaison des Versions!
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Images Faites avec Paint et Vidéo avec Widows Live Movie Maker
Music: Making Me Nervous (Metal Mix) by Vegetative State (feat. Brad Sucks)
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Beyblade Flame Libra T125ES Comparaison des Versions! - YouTube

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