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A Beyblade stadium cries out for conversion to a dreidel stadium, but such things are usually only found in homes with a particular demographic. Beyblades are marketed to the gender/age group most likely to spend every discretionary dollar on Manga-inspired, zip-launched battle tops. I don’t own any Beyblades (yet), but I just bought a stadium to use with ordinary dreidels. The gently concave bottom and curved sides keep dreidels in motion longer than do a flat bottom and 90 degree tray sides.

And here’s the notable exception to commercially-available, dedicated dreidel arenas: the Spinogogue. If you are thrifty enough to prefer bin lids over a Beyblade stadium, then you certainly aren’t likely to spring for the , made by Major League Dreidel. Modern Tribe sells it, and man, do I want one. Watch the : the animated dreidels are quite compelling. The one thing a Spinogogue stadium and an upside-down bin lid have in common is that they both prevent you from getting on hands and knees to sweep a yardstick under the sofa for the 57th time.

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Pull the cord and let them rip. Beyblade stadiums can have a significant impact on the outcome of a Beyblades match, and there are dozens of products available to help players find new ways of approaching...

A Beyblade stadium is an arena used to battle the popular Hasbro Beyblade toys and making your own Beyblade stadium is easy. All it requires is a little imagination and any household items available to you. Kitchen equipment like woks, frying pans and bowls can all be transformed into a Beyblade stadium. You can use your environment or even customize an official stadium to give it a whole new lease of life.