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Just wondering about what bike to get for my 2 year daughter.

A good example is the which has an adjustable seat height from 29cm – 40cm, which makes it an ideal if you are looking for a bike for a 2 year old to last for a couple of years. The is also a great option with a saddle height which also starts at 29cm. Some of the balance bikes for younger children also have a special learner bike saddle.

If you are buying a bike for a 2 year old, then you are going to want to purchase a bike with one of the lower saddles, and seat heights tend to start at around 29cm. You need to make sure that the lowest seat height is around 2.5 -3cm lower than the inside leg so that the child can get on and off the bike comfortably.

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Designed and assembled in Ireland, the LittleBig begins as a pedal-less balance bike for a 2 year old. (A.K.A. training wheels), balance bikes allow kids to glide along effortlessly while quickly developing their coordination and motor skills.