Birthday Gift for 9 Year Old Boy

LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves


I agree with others who suggested a gift card

As any parent, you want only the best for your boy when his birthday comes around- and finding the perfect present is a big part of that. You want to get him something that will make his eyes sparkle the very moment he rips off the wrapping paper. But this may be harder than it sounds. So, for those of you who are still struggling to find what just might do the trick, here are a couple birthday gift ideas for 9 year old boys that are definitely worth taking a look at.

If you’re looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for a 9 year old boy that loves exploring the world around him, we highly recommend this great microscope from My First Lab. The microscope is exceptionally easy to use and has amazing optics for seeing every detail of each specimen placed under the lens. Our 9 year old daughter loved using this microscope on a variety of simple household items in the kitchen when she first opened the box. She was simply amazed at how cool even the most basic things looked under the microscope’s powerful magnification. The best was when she placed a dead ant on the lens to examine it, she was fascinated with what she saw. For a more formal scientific experience, we highly recommend buying a set of prepared microscope slides as well. You can get a great starter pack of 25 or so slides with a variety of different specimens for less than $15. Trust me, if your daughter or son loves science, he/she’s going to love this microscope.

9 yr old boys have such varied interests ..

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